Here's my top 10 of movies that actually came out ths year (cause I follow the rules ROB!!!)

10. Blade Runner
Gosling x Ford so you know I came. 

9. Bright
Fuck Rotten Tomatoes, fuck the Big Willy Style h8rs! I had to give Nextflix's apocalyptic fantasy crime drama a viewing, and honestly I wasn't disappointed. If you want a gritty, visually satisfying, tale filled with magic and fantasy creatures you should enjoy this movie sans one totally unnecessary chase seen that actually sucked pretty hard. 

8. Spider Man Homecoming
Look at the nerds, ye mighty, and despair! The most believable Spider Man to date which managed to give us action, drama, and light hearted banter without Toby Maguire dressed up as a goth kid dancing down a busy street. Bonus: Mother fucking Donny G. 

7. The Big Sick
Watched on Errol's recommendation The Big Sick made me care about some early, middle-aged, mediocre comedian who I really only knew as a Salarian voice over actor from Mass Effect: Andromeda. True story. 

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
More comedy than I was expecting, and perhaps closer to the comics than I would like, and yet; still a solid ass movie. Re-watchable just like Vol 1.

5. Baby Driver
Almost didn't make the list thanks to K. Spacey being an asshole. It was fun, it was artsy, it was one of the best car chase movies I've seen in some time. Fuck the "Fast" franchise, give me more Baby. 

4. Logan
High paced, action packed, dark, and depressing. I loved seeing Logan get old, give into sentiment, and fuck up some bad guys. 

3. Get Out
Layers and Easter Eggs make this horror movie re-watchable, creepy ass rural sociopaths make this movie scary. You really have to peel back the layers to fully enjoy this movie. 

2. Dunkirk
More than a war story Dunkirk gives us the perspective of the human struggle to survive, sacrifice, and overcome in the face of overwhelming odds. I went in expecting an action movie and got an epic. 

1. It
I've never actually read a Steven King book, but I've watched about 70-80% of the movies based on his books, which makes me an expert just like Rob. That being said, I thought this movie was creepier than the made for TV show from my childhood. It kept me interested in, and worried for, the characters and did a great job of setting up part 2 without a sloppy ending. 


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