Thanks to MoviePass, I got to see a ton of movies this year! Unfortunately none of the ones I saw with MoviePass will be on this list.

10. Valerian
Due to the fact that we don't have an Honorable mentions, I had to put Valerian at the bottom of the list. It deserves recognition for its intense visuals and remarkable opening sequence, even if the characters are thin, the acting sucks and the story is shit.

9.  John Wick Chapter 2
Sequels are often sub-par to the original, and this is no exception. HOWEVER! I said Got Damn John Wick does what John Wick wants and if you don't like it then John Wick will kill you. Assassin Vs. Assassin in the best worldbuilding I've seen in years combined with a possibility to close out the greatest action trilogy ever puts this....only at number 9. Damn, that's kinda low now that I think about it. Sorry John.

8. Spider-man: Homecoming
Before this movie, the best Spider-man movie ever was Captain America: Civil War. Tom Holland crushes in his performance as a John Hughes inspired teenage awkward Spider-man. And this film really shows the scale at which the Avengers are on in a perfect way. Also the guy who made this movie gave me direction once, so that's cool.

7. Split
What a roller coaster life M. Night has. Starting off strong as one of the most promising new filmmakers in the late 90s all the way down to being laughed at when his name comes up in the theater, only to rise back into the ranks again and turn your expectation of twists right on your fucking head. It is so insane how M. NIght can make less than 10 seconds of a movie  change everything about it. Welcome back, sir.

6. War for the Planet of the Apes
Fantastic movie that does the impossible; makes the humans the villains. You're rooting for the extinction of people, and you don't even care. Not to mention this movie closes one of the all time top five trilogies in film history. Allegory, mother fuckers. That's what Scifi is meant for.

5. Logan
Heartbreaking tale of the guy we all wanted to be growing up. Mr. Brooding and deep takes it to a level unseen in comic book movie history breaking the molds and churning out something truly beautiful, touching and also opens the door for more movies to be made like this. That is, if Disney allows it.

4. The Big Sick
True story: I ran into Kumail Nanjiani and his wife ON MY WAY to watch this movie, which is also a true story. How'd you like that segue, Dalton? This movie works on every level, and puts a unique spin on romance and shows us what it's like when people fall out of love at different times with each other, and how hard it really is to make a relationship work. Also, that 9/11 joke.

3. Get Out
I don't like horror, and I thought this movie was going to be garbage. Holy shit was I wrong. Jordan Peele is a genius of modern day filmmaking. There is so much packed into this movie, you could watch it 10 times and find something new that you didn't see before. 

2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
I was wildly entertained by this movie. It was hilarious, it was tragic, and it was amazing. One hero's descent to darkness, and one villain's rise to the light. Everyone is ugly, and everyone is beautiful and this movie that makes you feel for people you should have no business giving a shit about. It's a truly unique story, and a mighty fine chess game to watch being played between the Sheriff and the mother.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Remember when I said sequels are often sub-par to the original? Well, this is the exception. This movie is the first Star Wars to have something real to say about humanity, particularly in this time, but as a whole as well. It retroactively makes The Force Awakens better, and follows these new characters into a fantastic, new path that only makes me excited for what comes next. Rian Johnson, you will go down in history up there wth Spielberg and Scorsese if you keep churning out gems like this.


01/13/2018 2:32pm

nice post


I also saw most of the movies in your list and I completely agree with you with regards to The Last Jedi. Although there are some fans that argue that this film was not up to par with the other franchise movies, I completely disagree. It showcased a new perspective on the story and led me to be amazed by the plot twist. It was not as predictable as the other films, which made them mediocre. I also can’t wait for the other installments of this saga since The Last Jedi brought upfront so many new twists.

01/13/2018 9:17pm

All the producers and directors want to the movies on high level and its good to earn the benefit from it. But its risky work and they should be careful for do this job.


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