Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is based on a French sci-fi comic book series written in the '60s and has boatloads of potential. The adaptation from comic to screen materializes as a futuristic world where Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are federal agents who are assigned a mission on Alpha, a space station that became a mega-city where many species have gathered to share knowledge and to live. The supporting cast include big names such as Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, Clive Owen, and John Goodman.  Before I chug along with my review of Valerian, I need to let out a long, disappointed sigh.

 Ok, now, getting right down to it, the performances of much of the cast are mediocre and re-casting many of the characters would have helped to solve this giant issue. Valerian and Laureline are supposed to be two adults who are federal agents and partners but DeHaan and Delevingne look and act like two teenagers complete with childlike bickering and a chaotic romance that gets in the way of their actual work. If the goal was to depict two adult federal agents with a troubled work-love life balance, why not follow in the vein of Mulder and Scully. Personally, I would have re-casted Valerian with Bruce Campbell. Campbell looks the part compared to the comics with his square chin and his bumbly but athletic abilities. He would have been perfect...if he wasn't sixty. For Rihanna's role as the shape shifting artist known as Bubble, I must say it. Yikes. I was pulling for her, but I just didn't understand why she was in the movie. She mumbled, she seemed disinterested, she really played Rihanna as Rihanna. Although Clive Owen played the important character of Commander Filitt, it is barely worth mentioning in this review and can be summed up in two words: boring and unmemorable. The only performance out of the entire cast that I gladly would have watched more of was Hawke's as Jolly the Pimp who is kooky, weird, and possibly on drugs.

What takes this movie from being really bad to only mildly bad were the visual effects. The world of Mul was amazing with dream-like beaches and sky, which immediately drew me into the idyllic planet. The people of Mul were aesthetically pleasing as well with their angular faces, large eyes, and shimmering skin. I loved the creatures in the film, and they varied from adorable to grotesque. Side note: I would love to have the animal known as the converter. It's cute as crap and I would definitely have it make a couple hundred cheeseburgers for me.

Overall, Valerian seemed directionless with a mind-numbing and all-over-the-place plot and writing that was extremely choppy. Both felt like they were hanging there, expectantly waiting for something or somebody to come along and fix it, like a Tom Sawyer waiting for a friend to whitewash his fence. I liked looking at some of the movie but considering the acting, plot, and writing, I gladly would have watched it on mute. I give this movie a 3 shot rating.



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10/22/2017 11:42pm

Funny these characters look like the ones from Harry Potter. The one on the right looked like a combination of Hermione and Malfoy. I am sure this will be an exciting film to watch. I am going to watch this weekend. My nephews and niece are huge fiction fans so I am sure they will like this too. Thanks for this suggestion.


The Valerian is one of my favorite films. The plot is really commendable. I really love the actresses and actors who made a fabulous acting skills. I am waiting for the part 2 of the film. Hope that it will be released soon. Just want to add the fact that the film's cinematography is really professional. I really congratulate the film makers. This includes the producers, make-up artists, directors, and more. I will definitely share this to my friends.

11/23/2017 10:42pm

I have not watched this movie, but I’ve heard a lot of great reviews lately. My friends watched it last week without me because I was out of town. They said it was really good and Cara was able to wonderfully portray her role. I am really looking forward to watching this movie because of your review. This is one of my most watched genres because I love sci-fi, especially if it is about the universe and outer space. I hope you post more reviews of the recent movies here in your website.

10/16/2017 10:27pm

The review of the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is written here, though the writer of this post analysed it very technically and criticised it too, i think over all, it seems very nice science fiction movie.

10/18/2017 8:47am

I've heard that effects were pretty cool but this movie is kinda bad. But I want to watch it anyway.


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