While browsing Amazon Prime I came upon Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which I knew nothing about, except that it was a romance movie starring Ewan McGregor- and I loooove Ewan McGregor and his angelic voice. He could sing me to sing to sleep any and every night. Regrettably, he doesn't sing in this movie. Sorry everyone.

McGregor plays Dr. Alfred Jones, a quirky fisheries scientist. Blunt plays opposite McGregor as Harriet Chetwode-Talbot, a get-down-to-business consultant who slowly warms to Jones. The other characters include: Kristin Scott Thomas as Patricia Maxwell, the quippy press secretary for the British Prime Minister who sneaks in a The Wire reference, Amr Waked as the wealthy, daydreaming sheikh who is a client of Chetwode-Talbot, and Varys (not our loveable eunich) Conleth Hill as Jones' butthead boss named Bernard.

The plot of the movie is somewhat silly since it’s about bringing salmon fishing to the yemen, as the title aptly describes. The sheikh, who loves fishing and dreams about creating a better life for his people, hires Chetwode-Talbot to begin working towards this zany goal of desert fishing who in turn questions Dr. Jones about his knowledge of salmon via email. The British government (meaning Patricia Maxwell because she is a boss bitch) scours the internet and private emails in order to find some feel good news stories from the middle East to help international relations. The government is hooked (puns, albeit not my best) on the idea, causing everybody to be brought together to work towards this dream. The characters are aware of the absurdity of their situation but they carry on with cheekiness.

Unfortunately, as the movie continues the story begins its downhill descent into being corny and dorky, with the few slightly action like scenes feeling ridiculous and poorly filmed. The romance is sweet at times but overall feels too little, too late. Although there were some memorable quips, the wonderful cast had to carry too much of the burden of an underwhelming storyline. I give the film a 3 shot rating at best.


08/14/2017 11:40pm

The review of the movie shows its very disappointing , according to the public's opinion there is nothing new or special in it . Everyone his own views the writer of the post discussed it very technically .

08/16/2017 12:20am

Yeah, I totally agree with you. I've watched this movie and get disappointed afterwards. I am not entertained with it at all. I find it boring and non-sense. I will give the movie a one star rating. I haven't found anything interesting with this movie, at all. I don't recommend it to people.

08/15/2017 2:45am

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08/16/2017 12:15am

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