By Rachel Hinton

I'm a sucker for anything '80s so when I saw that Netflix was releasing a new television show called GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), a fictionalized version of the women’s wrestling circuit set in that awesome decade, I was instantly enamored and excited. So, like any person obsessed with Netflix, I melted into my worn out couch and pressed play on the whole season.

 Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the concern to set in and after the first episode I realized I heavily disliked the main character, Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), who was a very unlikable failing actress. The kind of character you cringe at because she reminds you of the most embarrassingly flawed parts of being human. Additionally, the story started out moving along slower than molasses and the amount of wrestling was not at the level I wanted. 

As I continued to watch the show, however, I enjoyed the character development of Ruth and the other women wrestlers.  Ruth pulled deep inside herself and became someone whom you empathized with and could understand, especially after her fake speech in front of a bunch of rich white people about how wrestling saved her life from crack (just watch the show, it’s hilarious).  The women not only developed as characters but united as a heartwarming team of underdogs, who bonded so deeply their periods synced up.   

As much as I loved the women on the show, I also loved the character of the director, who had the best jokes of the whole cast. Not everyone is going to love the term 'womb goof' (in reference to a miscarriage) but I couldn't help but laugh.  He had no filter and was an unapologetic asshole with a heart of gold.  

In the end, the final episode pulled out all the stops and gave me the crazy wrestling moves I so desired since episode 1, without tarnishing the 80’s glitz that first drew me in. There was, however, one complaint- there were too few episodes in the first season and now I have to wait an entire year to see more of the great women of the show.  I would give GLOW a one shot rating for delivering on not taking itself too seriously while also being full of fun, females, and fighting.


The review is the season is very interesting, it shows the writer also likes to watch it and enjoyed it. I have seen only a few episodes of last season and I liked it too. The story is just amazing.

08/16/2017 12:27am

I've watched this movie together with my friends. The movie is very funny and inspirational. It pushes you to achieve your passion in life. It teaches you to never stop until you reach your dreams. It is a good movie to watch for teenagers, I must say. The story is beyong amazing.


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